Out for the Count – Judy Upton


This podcast is about the 1911 night of the census. Many of those fighting for women’s suffrage wanted to use the collection of the census as a way of protesting against the government. They organised civil disobedience as a way of taking a stand. There were two main ways some Suffragettes and some Suffragists boycotted the census. The first was to spoil, deface or refuse to fill in the census form provided. There are many examples of women who have written ‘no persons here, only women’ or attached Suffragette flyers or written ‘if we don’t count we won’t be counted’. The other was to not be home on that night. It is estimated thousands of women are missing from the 1911 census. This podcast is a dramatisation of some women who chose to be absent that evening. It was written by Judy Upton and was recorded live at South Hill Park in June 2018. All the sound and music was performed live.

Out For the Count by Judy Upton

Directed and produced by Rebecca Alloway. Ursula was played by Bethany Monk-Lane, Emily Wilding Davison was played by Becky Kerly, Marie Lawson was played by Rosalyn Jackson, David was played by James Short, Mrs Smedley and Decima Moore was played by Eleanor Bailey, Helen was played by Phoebe Jones, Florrie was played by Rosie Cunnew, Hester was played by Georgina Stone, Charlotte was played by Nikki Fisher and Joe was played by Robert Twaddle.

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