The Young Creatives

Eleanor Bailey – Actor


Stefy Barton – Actor / Musician

Liam Beard – Actor / Musician

Felix Berendse – Actor

Rosie Cunnew – Actor


Nikki Fisher – Actor


Nancy Hannigan – Actor

Rosalyn Jackson – Actor


Phoebe Jones – Actor


Becky Kerly – Actor / Musician


Simran Kular – Actor

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William Meek – Researcher

Kate Milam – Actor

Josh Moore – Actor

Bethany Monk-Lane – Actor


Christina Parelle – Actor

Mithiran Ravindran – Researcher

James Short – Actor / Musician

Ellie Shortt – Actor / Musician

Casey Smith – Actor

Eleanor Stock – Actor / Musician

Georgina Stone – Actor

Robert Twaddle – Actor


Rosanna Weber – Actor

Abby Wilkinson – Actor

Holly-Anne Catherine White – Actor / Musician

Additional Performers

Anna Clock – Composer / Musician


Theresa Godly – Actor


Leah Hoskin – Actor

Victoria Mcfarlane – Actor

Charlotte Rowling – Opera Singer

Zaki Sadiki – Actor

Susan Salmon – Actor

Emma Selwyn – Actor

The Historian

Dr Michelle Johansen
Dr Michelle Johansen is Interpretation Manager at Bishopsgate Institute, a public library, archive and cultural institution near Liverpool Street in London. Michelle develops and delivers workshops and short courses for informal learners that provide hands-on access to original historical materials from Bishopsgate Institute’s special collections. As a social historian with a particular interest in marginalised communities and history from below, Michelle has been delighted to have the opportunity to share information on some less well-known female activists from the past as part of the heritage training element of the Forgotten Women project.

Visual Design


Soofiya is a visual artist and illustrator. You can see more of their work here:


Polly Bycroft Brown

Polly Bycroft-Brown is a photographer, specialising in headshots, theatre and events. She also offers retouching and graphic design services. To see more of her work, visit her website or visit her instagram.  


Yarrow Magdalena
Website Builder

Yarrow Magdalena is a web designer and online marketing consultant who specialises in custom built WordPress sites as well as social media, launch and content strategy consultations. To see more of their work, visit their website


The Writers

Judy Upton
Writer of podcast episode: Out for the Count

Paula B Stanic
Writer of podcast episode: Miss World… 1970

Beverley Andrews
Writer of podcast episode: Sophia

Rebecca Alloway
Writer of podcast episode: A Brief History of Suffrage, Stop the Clause! and upcoming episode Spare Rib

Guleraana Mir
Writer of podcast episode: Make Noise

Nina Lemon
Writer of podcast episode: Green Class